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L.R. Industrieel Service B.V.

Leader nel campo dell'edilizia e manutenzione di impianti industriali.

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ispezioni, interventi in emergenza, modifiche dell’ingegneria di produzione.

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& Servizi

Gamma completa di servizi per la sicurezza ed igiene sul Lavoro

Progetto senza titolo-2
L.R. E-innovations

Energy and Sustainability Solutions

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Our Group

LR Industriele Service B.V. 

It consists of a small group of technicians, managers, supervisors and inspectors who have been leading EPC management for more than 20 years. The role within the network will be to manage the commercial and executive management of projects, taking care to verify the correct progress and development of construction activities and possible interferences. Everything can be invoked when necessary on the network of companies for the provision of services such as: engineering, procurement, civil works, lifting and special transport, etc.


specialized in the assembly of internal columns and in the construction of industrial works, was born in 2018 from the project of a group of workers with twenty years experience in the sector and in Europe, who decided to form a compact team and together to create a company based on stable and solid professional continous growth. Leader in activities in tight spaces, the core business mainly revolves around the distillation columns, where they are leaders in the replacement of plates, inspections, emergency interventions, changes in the engineering of production. It deals with industrial installations, weldments and non-destructive tests, work in confined spaces, scaffolding, painting and insulation. Hot work in areas at risk of contamination and atex through the use of positive pressure protected habitats.

Sicurezza e Servizi srl

is a company specialized in safety in the workplace, on the market for more than a decade. ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
Leader in VCA company certification and VCA BASIC / VOL training, deals with integrated management systems for companies, training courses for personnel, supply of HSE and QC personnel. It has a park equipped for the training of emergency workers, first aid, fire prevention, as well as operators assigned to special tasks and for recovery in confined spaces, rope operators, scaffolders and all courses required by Legislative Decree 81/08, making available to third parties the staff so qualified. It also has dedicated classrooms for training and platforms for distance learning, e-learning and in FAD mode Provides collective and individual protection devices and HSE documentation of a dedicated site on projects.


specialized in sustainable solutions from an energy point of view and with low environmental impact, was born in 2020 from the project of a group of professionals attentive to the energy revolution, in the way of producing and using energy, in a context application aimed at technological innovations and which takes into account the needs of the market by maximizing comfort, design, reducing the environmental impact, all aimed at a beneficial return on investment.

Holding Company