specialized in sustainable solutions from an energy point of view and with low environmental impact, it was born in 2020 from the project of a group of professionals attentive to the energy revolution, in the way of producing and using energy, in an application context aimed at technological innovations and that takes into account the needs of the market by maximizing comfort, design, reducing the environmental impact, all aimed at a beneficial return on investment.

Our aim?

Building in an alternative way, respecting the environment, with minimal visual impact, using recycled materials and innovative materials! Alternative, safe, and economical housing solutions!


LR E-INNOVATIONS provides consulting, design, construction and maintenance services, for each specific context, to identify the best solution, with competence and integrated vision of the multiple technological opportunities.


Tiny House

Our team is continuously engaged in the search for the best design and construction solutions of the Tiny House “a new super sustainable way of living, giving up vices, waste, useless objects and favoring the saving of the soil with the consequent achievement of energy self-sufficiency “.


To meet the new needs of the market, such as the affordability of housing, facilitated home management for young couples and the elderly, their reduced environmental impact, the ability to move and choose breathtaking landscapes if the house is also equipped with wheels.

Prefabricated Houses

Ecology, Design and Quality, our strengths.

We design and build houses with low energy consumption, as all our models can be equipped with integrated systems, solar, thermal, wind, and with a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.


The project was created to re-evaluate and promote the use of clean and energy-efficient vehicles. Modern and nature are the perfect combination if lived with respect for both. The innovation of the new frontier of e-bikes can bring many closer to the relaxation of nature and sport, both of which are increasingly underestimated.

The variety of models offered allows us to meet the needs of a large market target, lightness, transportability, pedal assistance, all at a low price and respecting the environment.


Tiny House - Prefabricated Houses


Wind power


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